Mission – SAPTCO’s Commitment

Be the professional body that represents members from the training and consulting industries. SAPTCO gives members a credible space to resolve issues that may have an impact on their businesses and operations. Through fostering a close relationship with all stakeholders in the training and consulting industries, the Association will be in the position to initiate discussions and advance the training and consulting industry effectively.

Inspire and facilitate members to continuously upgrade their training and consulting quality and services. Many members face challenges in their continuous improvement due to lack of resources. The Association, through partnerships with relevant stakeholders, will develop professional development and certification programmes and systems to train and upgrade all levels of training and consulting professionals.

Offer greater networking opportunities for members to explore and establish win-win business collaborations locally and internationally.

Create marketplace for members to sell their products and services for the benefit of the members and their clients. Through organising regular sharing sessions whereby members can showcase their products and services, other members can have the opportunity to procure and benefit from the state-of-the-art proven solutions that members might have developed.

Support members in their business operations through shared services such as recruitment, training facilities, procurement, etc.

Partner members in seeking new outbound and inbound training business opportunities. Through organising overseas study and business missions, the Association will help members to participate in regional training exhibitions, collaborate with external training associations and work with agencies such as IE Singapore, STB, SPRING Singapore, etc to project our professional training services into the international markets, and strengthen the inbound training tourism market.