Video Introduction of SAPTCO

In the rapidly changing CET landscape, it is important that we are mindful of the disruptive market forces at work. With SkillsFuture, expectations of our clients and funding agencies will definitely change. With the formation of the Asean Economic Community our market size will definitely be enlarged. It is therefore imperative that we have to develop new competencies and seize new opportunities. However with rising business costs, volatile client needs, and unpredictable market trends, how can we innovate and compete efficiently and effectively to remain relevant to our clients?

We have seen how the sharing-economy is disrupting traditional enterprise models. A change of ownership mindset facilitated by technologies has accelerated the growth of very small businesses into sustainable engines of economic impacts.

It is with this collaborative and sharing mindset that the Strategic Association of Training-Consulting Organisations (SAPTCO) is being established. We want to harness the power of sharing and change the way training organisations have been operating for the past decade and longer. SAPTCO also aims to further professionalise the skills training and adult education industry in Singapore; strengthen the skills development of enterprises in Singapore; and provide the bridges into the global stage of professional skills training and adult education.

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